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Your workforce is constantly being challenged to take on increasing responsibilities, and these employees are the key to helping your organization achieve its strategic goals. All employees need to continuously build skills that will help them grow, ensure their employability, and contribute to the success of the organization.


The Barbelo Group’s workforce development system includes competency-based programs designed to equip your workforce—from frontline workers to first- and mid-level leaders—with the day-to-day interpersonal, teamwork, and business-results skills that help create and maintain a high-performance workplace.


You can choose from a range of learning courses that are grouped by skill areas, such as personal effectiveness, group effectiveness, and getting business results.  Taken together, these courses strengthen overall workforce performance. Taken selectively, they pinpoint areas that need improvement.




The Barbelo Group’s workforce development programs are:


  • Thoroughly proven to build specific, job-critical competencies and promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance.
  • Flexible to fit your environment, language, and delivery requirements.
  • Tried and tested in the world’s leading companies, including more than 400 of the Fortune 500.
  • Completely integrate-able so you can mix and match offerings to create a development program that’s tailored to and effective for your organization and your people.
  • Supported by complementary Barbelo Group products and services that let you assess development needs and manage ongoing performance.
  • Capable of driving common language and behaviors throughout all levels in the organization.


Manager Essentials Skills Workshop


The Manager Essentials Skills Workshop is an effective comprehensive workshop for frontline managers or first time supervisors.  Organizations can achieve superior business results by building engaged, high-performing workforces. With a focus on specific workforce needs, and a passion for success, the Barbelo Group’s Manager Essentials Skills Workshop will assist businesses select, develop, and retain talent—their most important resource—so they can achieve a true competitive advantage.


With Barbelo Group, success is measured by how effectively solutions are applied and by positive changes in the performance of the workforce.


Why do so many organizations around the world struggle to build capable frontline leaders? Limited training on leadership skills and insufficient coaching and support are common issues. However, the biggest causes are making bad hiring and promotion decisions, and inaccurately diagnosing the development needs of the frontline leaders selected.

The Manager Essentials Skills Workshop is a comprehensive two-part workshop

1.   Manager Essential Skills Assessment

2.   Feedback and Development Workshop


It starts with the Manager Essential Skills Assessment that delivers the same quality of diagnosis as a full-blown assessment center at a fraction of the cost.  Participants engage in situations where they interact with team members, take action, and solve problems. These real-world situations provide a highly accurate measurement of a participant’s readiness for frontline leadership positions.


Manager Essentials Skills Workshop measures the nine competencies most critical for success in a frontline leadership position: Coaching for Success, Coaching for Improvement, Managing Relationships, Guiding Interactions, Problem Analysis, Judgment, Delegation & Empowerment, Gaining Commitment, and Planning & Organizing.


The Manager Essentials Skills Workshop sessions are delivered by our trained facilitators, one-on-one, or group sessions that help participants make sense of their results, and provide them with a road map for planning their development. Manager Essentials Skills Workshop course lists are:


• Interactive Management Essentials

• Coaching for Success

• Coaching for Improvement

• Managing Performance Problems

• Guiding Interactions

• Problem Analysis

• Delegation & Empowerment

• Gaining Commitment

• Planning & Organizing


Frontline Leadership Development


Leaders are operating in an ever-changing environment and regularly face new challenges. To be successful on both a personal and an organizational level, they need new skills and competencies to meet these challenges.


The Barbelo Group collaborates with consultants who are world leaders in leadership development. We use a competency-based, integrated approach that helps organizations achieve their business objectives and results. Through leadership assessment and development, organizations can improve bench strength and grow their own leaders by identifying and developing high-potential employees.


Our training programs equip leaders at all levels with the day-to-day interpersonal skills for leading individuals or groups and the broader, overall skills needed to create and maintain a high-performance workplace.  In addition, our assessment centers and multi-rater feedback surveys help companies identify, hire, and promote the most talented people.




The Barbelo Group’s leadership development programs are:


  • Thoroughly proven to build and assess specific, job-critical competencies and promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance. Our programs have been tried and tested in leading global companies, including more than 400 of the Fortune 500.
  • Flexible to fit your environment, languages, and delivery requirements.
  • Completely integrate-able so you can mix and match offerings to create a development program that is highly tailored and highly effective for your organization and your people.
  • Complementary in that you can assess development needs, provide training that meets these needs, and manage ongoing performance.


Mid-Level Leadership Development for Operations and Strategy


It’s a challenge to equip mid-level (operational) leaders and senior (executive) leaders with the skills they need to meet the ever-changing demands of their organizations—today, and tomorrow.


Mid-level leaders need high-impact solutions designed specifically for them, which enable them to turn senior leaders’ vision for the organization into reality.  Senior leaders need continuous learning experiences linked directly to their business needs. The Barbelo Group provides a complete portfolio of development offerings spanning the entire leadership pipeline.




The Barbelo Group’s leadership development programs for mid-level and senior leaders offer:


  • Unique designs by level.
  • A broad focus on not just individual needs, but needs relevant to the leader’s role and business as well.
  • Relevant, active learning for immediate application.
  • Outstanding consultants and faculty.
  • Integration of assessment/diagnostics with development to create breakthrough insights.


Development Solutions


Organizations today face many difficult issues, such as leadership gaps, high turnover, decreased customer service, overworked employees, and more. To succeed in the face of such formidable challenges, organizations must incorporate a multifaceted approach to training and development.


At the Barbelo Group, we understand that the challenges you face often cannot be resolved with a single training workshop.  We have developed the following recommended solutions for your most common business issues to help.


These solutions help your organization succeed in today’s competitive marketplace because they incorporate multiple development components that will result in a skilled workforce.




  • Competency-based—The Barbelo Group pioneered the use of competencies, and every Barbelo Group program allows you to hire, assess, promote, train, develop, and manage people against consistent criteria that are relevant for your jobs and your organization.
  • Built-in assessment and evaluation—Our comprehensive learning programs contain carefully crafted needs analysis and assessment instruments to help determine training needs, assess post-training behavioral change, and evaluate organizational impact.
  • Powerful integration—We provide a highly integrated learning system that, by design, can be easily customized to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Flexible learning—You will find our systems offer more flexibility—both in content and delivery options—than any other learning programs available today.
  • Proven effectiveness—Our systems, which are used throughout the world in a variety of industries and organizations, are proven to build skills in critical, job-related competencies and to positively change behavior.
  • Constant updating—The Barbelo Group continuously researches, evaluates, and revises its offerings to keep pace with changes in the way people learn and with evolving workplace demands around the world

Workforce Development


  • Communicating with Impact
  • Embracing Change
  • High-Impact Feedback & Listening
  • Making Sense of Business: A Simulation
  • Navigating Beyond Conflict
  • Networking for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Taking the HEAT
  • Valuing Differences
  • Working as a High Performing Team


Manager Essentials Skills Workshop


  • Interactive Management Essentials
  • Coaching for Success
  • Coaching for Improvement
  • Managing Performance Problems
  • Guiding Interactions
  • Problem Analysis
  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Planning & Organizing


Frontline Leadership Development


  • Accelerating Business Decisions
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Advanced Coaching
  • Boosting Business Results
  • Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Communicating For Leadership Success
  • Creating a Service Culture The Service Leaders Role
  • Delegating with Purpose
  • Developing Yourself & Others
  • Driving Change
  • Engaging and Retaining Talent
  • Executing Strategy at the Front Line
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Launching a Successful Team
  • Leading Virtually
  • Making High-Quality Decisions
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Mastering Interaction Skills
  • Maximizing Team Performance
  • Planning and Managing Resources
  • Reaching Agreement
  • Reinforcing Leadership Development
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Setting Goals & Reviewing Results
  • Strategies for Influencing Others
  • Strengthening Your Partnerships
  • Your Leadership Journey


Mid-Level Leadership Development for Operations and Strategy



  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Cultivating Networks and Partnerships
  • Developing Organizational Talent
  • Driving Innovation
  • Influencing for Organizational Impact
  • Leading with a Global Perspective
  • Making Change Happen
  • Mastering Decision Dynamics
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • Translating Strategy Into Results
  • Business Impact Leadership Mid-Level Leadership Series FQP


Development Solutions


  • Accelerating New Leader Development
  • Building Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Building Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Building Basic Coaching Skills
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Creating a Service Culture
  • Creating an Environment of Innovation
  • Developing Middle Management Skills
  • Driving Performance and Accountability
  • Improving Patient Satisfaction
  • Influencing Through Personal Effectiveness
  • Leading in a Health Care Environment
  • Leading Rapid Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Motivating and Retaining Talent
  • Partnering With Others


Succession Planning


  • Succession Management
  • Succession Management System Design
  • Identifying Leadership Potential
  • Identifying Potential Inventories





Custom Training


BG takes the time to get to know your business, your people and your goals.  We have the expertise in the field and our goal is to design a workshop specifically to achieve your organization’s goals.  We do an extensive front end analysis before we begin the design to make sure we start right the first time.


Training Focus Results


  • Implement change
  • Create alignment
  • Boost performance
  • Reinforce values
  • Enhance capabilities

Approach – Training and Assessment Design


On the overall approach, we found the following to produce the most positive impact for the organization:


  • Tying in the company’s values and vision, financial intelligence and business  unit/ department/ individual metrics and goals to the training.
  • Forming a team that’s the best in their field to get the maximum result, less gaps, lasting impact and no need to redo or redesign because the program delivers requirements and expectations
  • Organization transparency builds trust and loyalty to the success of the business
  • Pre and post assessment to show improvement
  • Combining different delivery models to assure sustainability


We Provide Experiential Learning – Learning by Doing to Positively Impact the Business’ Bottom-line





  • BG builds assessments on learning/ personality/ work styles, baseline knowledge and expectations


  • Facilitators review assessment results before the scheduled workshop and align the workshop flow to ensure better participant experience and retention.


  • By recognizing and understanding participant’s learning styles, facilitators can use techniques to better suit each group. This improves the speed and quality of team members’ learning.









High-Impact Learning


  • Workshop activities integrate the four-stage cycle of learning, in which 'immediate or concrete experiences' provide a basis for 'observations and reflections'.  These 'observations and reflections' are assimilated and distilled into 'abstract concepts' producing new implications for action which can be 'actively tested' in turn creating new experiences.


  • Participants will 'touch all the bases', i.e., a cycle of experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting. Immediate or concrete experiences lead to observations and reflections. These reflections are then assimilated (absorbed and translated) into abstract concepts with implications for action, which the person can actively test and experiment with, which in turn enable the creation of new experiences



Custom training - approach & Design



Training Design & Dev.


  • Pre-study
  • Conceptual design
  • Development and graphic design
  • Pilot tests with revision rounds
  • Finalization and
  • Production
  • Implementation



Our solutions


  • Hands-on, experiential learning program
  • Teams of people work together
  • Dialogue and discovery process.
  • Solution may include one or more different media and formats.






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